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Where is Ms Loy

Ms Loy had just gone through surgery and was in hospital. Ms Kho, our principal made an announcement during assembly that Ms Loy was recovering well. She added that the first thing that Ms Loy had requested for after her surgery was her spectacles. Wanting to cheer up Ms Loy, the class decided to make a get well card for her. I asked the class, “So children, where is Ms Loy now?”
Students: “She is in the hospital.”
Me: “Why is she in the hospital?”
Students: “Because she forgot her spectacles there.”

Overheard @ Rosewood Class by Mohana

31 July 2009

That’s A Long Time

Student to staff: I’ve never played the piano for 13 years!
Staff: Oh, how old are you?
Student:13 years old!

Overheard by Denise

31 July 2009

Magnificent and Wonderful

During a morning assembly …
Head of Track 3: Good morning Pathlighters, I want you to turn to your friends and wish them: ‘Have a Magnificent Monday!’

Principal: That’s nice and maybe from now on we shall use more of these beautiful adjectives in our morning greetings.

Pupil: (Shaking classmates’ hands): Have a Magnificent Monday in Malaysia!

Teacher: Wahahahahaha!

Overheard by Mrs Lim Hong Juan

29 July 2009

Yes Madam President

One of my students seemed to enjoy going into his dream world where imaginary characters were having a battle in space.

During one such moment, I asked him to line up for recess…. But he appeared to not pay attention. I raised my voice and said to him ‘Check your schedule…. Its time for recess’.

He replied – ‘Can you buy a chocolate bun for me. I don’t want to come to the café.’

I wanted him to be a part of the group and insisted that he follow teacher’s instructions to line up.

He replied – ‘So you are the leader?’
I answered- ‘Yes I am! You need to follow teacher’s instructions!. ‘

He twisted his face and asked me in a cheeky voice – ‘So you are President of the United States!’

Overheard by Geeta

27 July 2009

Lipstick Matters

Florence shared this cute anecdote with me.

She was teaching English and discussing common Metaphors eg: ‘As white as …….. milk,   As black as …….night’

She was amused when one of her students responded to ‘As red as…. ………… your lipstick’.

Overheard by Geeta

24 July 2009