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Marble Cakes

Student queuing in front of teacher asked, “Ms Ruth, are marble cakes healthy?”

The teacher replied, “Yes Karthi, marble cakes are healthier than fried food.”

Student exclaims, “Of course, because marble cakes are made of… MARBLES!”

Overheard @ Pathlight Cafe by Ruth T.

22 September 2011

Swee Keat & Tsui Kyit

Tsui Kwit from P3 Bauhinia approached me at dismissal this afternoon, he asked ” Ms Loy, I have been waiting for Minister Heng to visit my class but he did not come.I am a bit disappointed”. I asked if he had anything to share with the minister, he said, ” Our names are pronouced similarly, I am Tsui Kwit and he is Swee Keat. I just want to share with him that our names are alike.”

Overheard @ Staircase leading to Hall by Loy Sheau Mei

14 September 2011

Stop Melting!

Ms Margaret: Jordon, you look so cute when you smile. You just make my heart melt.

Jordon: Well, then stop melting!

Overheard @ Library by Sharon Teo

07 September 2011