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Good Drinking Habits

During a lesson about good eating/drinking habits…Teacher shows a video to the class.
Video states: “You should not take big gulps.”
Student: “But I want to drink Big Gulp from 7-11!”

Overheard by Ee Bing in Maple Class (Daily Living Skills)

19 November 2009

Where Do You Stay?

During Moral Education class in Oak…

Teacher: Where do you stay?
Student: I stay at home.

Overheard by Ee Bing in Oak Class

16 November 2009

Guess your teacher’s age

James: ” Ms Lili, are in your LATE twenties?”

Teacher looked surprised at being asked this question out of the blue and exclaimed ” No James, I am not in my late twenties!! ”

James *GASPS*: ” Don’t tell me you are in your early thirties!! ”

Overheard @ Classroom corridor by Lili

02 November 2009