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Name of Barber: SCISSORS

Student Z just got a haircut over the weekends.

Teacher: Student Z, who cut your hair? Barber is it?
Student Z: (turns around slowly) Scissors.


Overheard @ Pathlight School (Campus 2) by Low Xin Tian

21 May 2012

Playing Guitar

Overheard by Lydia Othmanshah

16 May 2012

Thor is Coming!

During exam, students were quietly doing their work.
The sky started to grow dark and windy.
Suddenly, there was a clasp of thunder and lightning.
Everyone started to cover their ears with their hands.
Student N suddenly said loudly: Thor is coming!!!
Teacher: !!!

Overheard by Seetee Siti

04 May 2012

Labour Day

The day before Labour Day holiday, a student became suddenly became worried.
Student J asked Teacher: Ms Siti, please don’t give me homework today.
Teacher: Why?
Student J: Because tomorrow is Labour Day. I want to watch the movie The Avengers.
Teacher: But tomorrow there is no school, for sure you have more time to do homework.
Student J: But Ms Siti….tomorrow is Labour Day leh – you got no work, so I also got no homeWORK!
Teacher: !!!

Overheard by Seetee Siti

04 May 2012

A Student’s Funny Definition

Student: Miss Mabel, do you know what “wife” stands for?

Worries Inherited For-Ever!

Overheard @ Hickory class by Mabel

03 May 2012