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What’s the Time Now, Mr Wolf?

One of the students in a PP class is on GFCF diet, so he usually has salad for snack time…

class: what’s the time now, mr wolf?
student: 2 o’clock!
class: what’s the time now, mr wolf?
student: 11 o’clock!
class: what’s the time now, mr wolf?
student: it’s salad time!!!

Overheard @ Spine by Zi Lin (Miss Sim)

22 December 2010

Inverted Flattery

Sean: Ms Kho, are you married?

Ms Kho: Yes, I am married.

Sean: I know you must be married. Only a FOOL would not marry you.

School Supervisor overheard the exchange and joined in.

Ms Phua: What about me?

Sean: For you, only an IDIOT would not marry you. So of course you are married.

Overheard @ Pathlight by Linda Kho

15 December 2010

Naming Nomenclature

There are many MPs in Pathlight.
Ms Phua, Ms Premila, Ms Pauline… Mr Penith… etc.

Overheard by Denise

08 December 2010

Occupational Hazard

During Leisure Skills, Chopin Class was tasked to design and create a CD Sleeve with a genre of their interest. The class loved listening and singing along with popular songs.

Cheryl decided to design her own solo album as a follow up to her recent school performance of “Top of The World”.


Mr Victor: Wow, this is a very good album cover! What is the singer holding on her right hand?
Cheryl: (With a smile) It’s a wooden hammer!
Mr Victor: Why is she singing with a wooden hammer?
Cheryl: It’s “Top of the World”! It’s by [the] Carpenters!

Overheard by Victor

01 December 2010