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1 difficult Name for 1 Year

At a play with some Pathlighters and teacher parents.
Ms Jacqueline and Ms Kirsten saw Yi Xing and waved to him

Yi Xing’s dad: Are they your teachers?
Yi Xing: Yes this this Ms Jacqueline.
Yi Xing’s dad: What about the other teacher? (referring to Ms Kirsten)
Yi Xing: That is my PP Teacher.
Yi Xing’s dad: What is her name?

Yi Xing thought for a moment and said: I can not remember, too difficult. Only 1 difficult name for 1 year.

Overheard by Kristen

30 March 2011

Class Greeter

Teacher: Who’s the class greeter?
Student: Me Me…
Teacher (pointed at student): OK, come here… Now you tell student what to do…
Student: OK… Hmm… (point to his other friends), You… You come to mattress…
Teacher: No no… Stand up class… And greet teacher

Overheard @ Gym period P1 Oleander by David Oktavianus

23 March 2011


While waiting for gen-voc room to be opened…

Jevon : [suddenly exclaimed] Cha-chaam-boo!!!
Teacher : What is cha-chaam-boo??
Jevon : Jackie Chan!!
Teacher : You like Jackie Chan?
Jevon : bǎobèi jìhuà!!
Teacher : What is it?
Jevon : Cha-chaam-boo!!!

Overheard @ Gen Voc int-advance class by TreZ

16 March 2011


The students were having IT lessons and after they finished, they are supposed to save the file, with the format :


One of the student was staring blankly at the computer after he was done and the teacher prompted him to save.

Teacher : here, step 9. What must you do? (pointing to work system)

Student : (clicked “save as” and started typing : “myadvertisement_name_12012011” )
Teacher : oops. are you sure this is correct? It is “your name” (pointing to student), not “name”.

The student, looking enlightened, immediately clicked save-as again and proceeded to type the file name.
He saved it as :


Overheard @ IT class by TreZ

09 March 2011