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My Aunt’s Sister

Today my sister, Jo called me at work to discuss about our weekend plan. My son walked by and asked her who she is talking to.
Jo cheekily answered “My jie jie (big-sister).”
My son said excitedly “Ah Yi (aunty), you got jie jie? Why you never tell me!”
Jo replied, “My jie jie’s name is Jennifer, and do you know who that is?” After seeing his blank look,
she continued, “It’s your mommy.”
My son angrily exclaimed: “NO! My mommy name is Mommy!”
Jo asked, “What is your ah ma’s (grandma’s) name?”
My son said without hesitation, “Wesley Ah Ma.”

Overheard @ Home by Jenn

11 January 2010

Why Waste Time Imagining?

An ex-student is contemplating giving up learning Maths at an institution he is attending.
When asked why, he said, “The Professor keeps asking me to imagine a hypothesis. If it has to be imagined and not real, why should I waste my time on it?”

Overheard by Denise

07 January 2010

Lost Your Voice?

Ms Phua was ill and lost her voice completely. At morning assembly, she used her hands to sign what she wanted to say to the students.
Student H, normally not communicative, went up to her and stared, “Are you mute?”
Good communication trigger!

Another student approached her and wished her, “I hope you can find your lost voice!”

Overheard by Denise

04 January 2010