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Student J went to the toilet and came back to class hurriedly.
Student J: Ms Siti, come quick!
Teacher: What happened?
Student J pointed at the opposite block of the school where a group of school visitors were having a tea break at Level 1. They had just finished touring the whole school.
Student J: Look, Ms Siti….over there! There’s a party!
Teacher: No, that’s not a party. That’s a group of school visitors who came to visit our school. Now, they are having their tea break.
Student J: But they are all eating leh…They REALLY have their PARTY leh!

Overheard by Ms Siti

28 February 2012

Where are your ears?

During Science lesson, Teacher asked student A: “Where are your ears?”
Student B answered before student A: “It is over here” (pointing to his own ears)
Teacher: ??? :-)

Overheard by Sharon Ng

28 February 2012


Teacher who had a bad sore throat, came into Frankl class using a portable microphone and speaker to speak.
Teacher: Good morning, class!
Student T: Good morning, Ms Robot Siti!
Everyone burst out laughing.

Overheard by  Ms Siti

28 February 2012

22 February 2012


Student A wrote a story sum using bar models as homework for the Maths teacher. During recess, Student A took an opportunity to ask the Maths teacher.
Student A: Teacher, did you get your homework?
Maths teacher: Yes.
Student A: Are you going to do it during your weekend?
Maths teacher: Yes.
Student A: So how do you feel when I give you many, many homework?
Maths teacher: I feel saaaad!! I can’t go shopping!!
Student A: It’s okay teacher! I will give you more homework okay! (laughs)

Overheard by Ms Siti

18 February 2012