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What do you call a fake iPhone

Riddle by Pathlighter T.Kit:
What do you call a fake iPhone?
Give up?

Overheard by Denise

22 August 2012

What goes up and never comes down

Riddle by Pathlighter Chester:
What goes up and never comes down?
Give up?

Overheard by Denise

22 August 2012

Go Joel Go!

A picture drawn by a Angsana student to cheer for a classmate who represented the class for 20m Sprint. This classmate came first! :))

08 August 2012

The Pretty Girl One

The Pretty Girl One

Ms Kirsten: Adam you get to choose the video. What National Day sound would you like.
Adam: The pretty girl one.
Ms Kirsten: Which one? There are so many with pretty girls.
Adam pointed to the video, love at first light and said, “This pretty girl. :)”

Overheard @ Lilac Class by Kirsten Woo

07 August 2012


During reception after the Gala performance.

Ms Loy introduced Mr Michael Chapman to Marvin.

Ms Loy: Marvin, this is Mr Chapman.
Marvin: Oh you are a chairman! Chairman of which company?
Mr Chapman: (…….) I’m not a chairman. (laughs) I’m the chairman of myself, my own company!
Ms Phyllis (to Marvin): Marvin, this is Mr Michael Chapman, not chairman.
Marvin: Ohh I didn’t know! (Marvin puts his hand on his head.) and everyone laughed.

Overheard @ National Dins Parade by Ms Phyllis

06 August 2012