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I Need Help!

Waiting at assembly time is a time when some students take their newspapers and read their favourite column …‘The Little Red Dot’. It has interesting articles on endangered species and extinct animals.

After Term 1, I realized that one of my students enjoyed science related articles. We both shared this passion of reading articles on the last page of the paper. If I read it before him, I would share it with him and if he had the page open, I would read it to him.

One day I was talking with the other boys, when he shouted out –‘I need help! I need help! ‘ I walked to him to sort out his problem.
He looked up and commented at one article in the paper- ‘The Dodo Bird is extinct!’

Overheard by Geeta

17 June 2009

Talking Turtle

Scenario: P1 English Lesson – Group reading

Teacher: (reading the story) “This is my river”. Class, why do you think the turtle is saying this?

Student: Because it is a talking turtle.

Overheard by Lydia

15 June 2009

Pretty Face

Little Selena had locks of hair on her forehead and I tried everything to keep her hair away from her eyes. Hair ties, rubber bands failed. She just pulled it out and threw it away. One day as I was about to take a photo of her, I pushed her locks of hair away and said- ‘pretty face’. I repeated by using her hand to move the hair from her forehead.
In a couple of weeks, I found a permanent solution. On my cue ‘Pretty face’ she would use both her hands to move the hair from her face. And she added a big smile to her lovely face.

Overheard by Geeta

15 June 2009

Sharing Snacks

Jane was an addicted to Mamee noodles. In my science lesson I spotted her dunking her hand into her snack bag, and ordered her to put away her snack. She reluctantly tucked it away under her desk.
After sometime I noticed that she was still trying to sneak food into her mouth. I thought that confiscating the snack would be the better option.
As I was busy teaching, I said –“Give the snack to Ms. Toh” (my buddy teacher). She took out her snack, broke some noodles from the pack and gave to Ms. Toh.
I did not notice the humour in the act. Later Ms. Toh told me that she thought that I had told her to share her snack with Ms.Toh.
We laughed our head out at the café.

Overheard by Geeta

15 June 2009

Principal Must Stay Back to Watch School

“ The whole school was treated to a movie “Sing to the Dawn”.
During Assembly, a Primary 2 student came up to Principal to say he was excited about going to the movie . He then said “ Ms Kho, you cannot go right? Nobody is in the school . You as Principal must stay back to watch the school and we watch the movie.”

Overheard by Linda

15 June 2009