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ONLY 40 not any other number!

In class, the students were correcting their maths questions…

Question: A school bus is allowed to carry only 40 pupils. How many buses are needed to take all 220 pupils to the zoo? The correct answer was 6 buses.
Ms Ng told the students that the answer 5 buses was wrong, because the remaining 20 pupils would not have any transport to get to the zoo.

One of the student, raised his hand and said, “Ms Ng, you are wrong. You see, the question said that the bus is allowed to carry ONLY 40 pupils. Not any other number BUT 40!”
Ms Ng was stumped but tried to reason with him, “Then what would happen to the remaining 20 if you cannot hire a bus for them?”
The student said, “Too bad, they have to walk to the zoo. If not, the School has to hire taxis to take them.”

Overheard @ In the classroom by Ms Priscilla Ng

23 February 2010


A fellow YFA intern Yuyuan wears contacts everyday, but she made an exception one day and wore glasses instead. Seeing this, a student approached her.

Student: Why are you wearing glasses today?
Yuyuan: Because I’m shortsighted.
Student: But you don’t usually wear glasses! You mean you’re shortsighted today?
Yuyuan: O_o No, I’m shortsighted everyday…

On a side note, another fellow intern Cherlene also had a “glasses” encounter. A student asked her, “Why you wear specs? Your eyes spoil is it?”

Overheard by yet another intern Yuan Lin

19 February 2010


If TGIF is Thank God It’s Friday, what’s TGFL?

It was dismissal time and Luke was the last student in Casuarina to be dismissed. While waiting, Ms Ruth and I decided to chat up with him. Since it was a Friday, Ms Ruth asked Luke if he knew what TGIF meant. Luke replied, “Thank God It’s Friday .” Wanting to test him further, Ms Ruth asked cheekily if he knew what TGFL meant. As an internet acronym known to most Singaporeans, TGFL means Thank God Friday Ler. Without hesitation, Luke smartly replied with a twist, “It’s Thank God For Love.” Whoa, what a surprise!

Overheard @ Assembly Hall by Jasmine Teo

09 February 2010

Parental Guidance

We were teaching the kids about Fire Safety and one of the quiz questions was “Who should you ask when you need help to light a candle?”
Our answer was “An adult”.
Brandon came up to answer and he said “Need Parental Guidance.”

Overheard by Mohana

03 February 2010