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BrandonChanment & Clement

Have a lesson observation this morning. Ms Cindy was teaching the students a new suffix. It was to add ‘ment’ to the baseword.

Ms Cindy: Govern + ment = Government.
Its meaning is a group of
people taking care of a
country. Can you give me some
words which end with ‘ment’?

Brandon : I have a word. It’s
BrandonChanment. It means
there is a group of people
called Brandon Chan. And I
have another word.
It’s “Clement”, our classmate.

Overheard @ P3 Redwood Class by Loy Sheau Mei

28 September 2010

Just acting!

At a Morning School Assembly skit performance, Ms Phyllis was acting as a bad lion trying in vain to attack a united herd of oxen. She acted as if she was being attacked and falling.
One of the concerned students in P2, Jason, shouted from the audience in anxiety, ” MS PHYLLIS, ARE YOU HURT? ARE YOU ALRIGHT??” :o)

Overheard by Denise

22 September 2010

I think so too.

Student (very seriously): Ms Phua, I think that you are an MP (Member of Parliament), you know.
Ms Phua: I think so too.

Overheard by Nix @ Pathlight Musical Backstage

15 September 2010

Privacy for Ladies

The students were touring Military training grounds during their outing to Singapore Discovery Center. The tour guide was explaining the various buildings and what were they being used for. Finally, we came across the dorminatory building. The guide explained that the army cadets stayed in this bulding. She added that the 4th level was reserved for lady cadets. She then asked, “Why do you think the ladies stay on a separate floor?” And the reply came from a student, “Because they need privacy..” Our social skills lesson sure is working well.. 😉

Overheard @ Singapore Discovery Center by Mohana Tan

01 September 2010