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But I’m a Lady!

National Day drawings by studens were displayed on the walls of the school building in view of the
impending Singapore National Day.

Each student was required to state their Name, Class and Age on their drawings.

Instead of stating her age, Phyllis wrote this on her drawing: “Age: A Lady Never Reveals Her Age!”

Overheard by Denise

30 August 2009

Helpful or Unhelpful

It was Social Skills lesson. Teacher presented a problem on the board and invited pupils to think of HELPFUL and UNHELPFUL thoughts. Pupils wrote on cards and posted them on the board. Sean offered to help sort out the cards on the board while the teacher was giving further instructions to the class. Not wanting the rest of the pupils to be distracted by Sean, teacher tried sending him back to his seat but Sean was absolutely insistent on helping.
In exasperation, teacher said, “Sean, are you or am I the teacher?”
Sean replied, “I’m the student who wants to help the teacher!!!!!”

Overheard by Mrs Lim Hong Juan

28 August 2009

A New Dialect

Temperature-taking in class.
Daniel: My temperature is ‘sar-lark POINT chit’ (36.7 in Hokkien)
Kah Wee: (laughing and imitating Daniel) Daniel said ‘sar-lark POINT chit, so funny!
Ms Ng: Kah Wee, the way you said it sounds funny too. Are you a Shanghainese?
Kah Wee: No…no…no. I’m not a Shanghainese.
Ms Ng: A Cantonese?
Kah Wee: No…no…no. Not Cantonese also. I think I am a Hokkienese.
Teachers: Wah haha!!!

Overheard by Mrs Lim Hong Juan @ Casuarina Classroom

26 August 2009


A funny incident happened yesterday:

We saw a “lost dog” notice. In it, was a photo of the dog and a short description. At the bottom of the notice it said “If found, pls call me at 9xxxxxxx”

Kristen: “Who is ‘me’?”

We all burst out laughing …I leave it to you to guess what was going through her mind.

Overheard by Anita

24 August 2009

It’s All in the Name!

While driving past a hotel in Orchard Road, Kris commented, “mom, this is
the place where we went to for Mary’s party, right?”

Puzzled, I kept asking her questions on when was this luxurious birthday
party held by this mysterious Mary, who I can’t seem to remember at all.

“Remember? Me, you daddy and Ah Ma were also there…”

So Mary is a family friend? Why was Grandma at a child’s birthday party?

“There was also a woman dressed like a bride…”

Oh…. she meant “Marry” party….a wedding dinner lah!


Overheard by Jac

21 August 2009