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C is for CACTUS

During a science activity lesson, students were required to label the different parts of a mushroom (stalk, gills & cap).

Student, Qian Yan, quickly wrote ‘stalk’ and ‘gill’ and left the ‘cap’ part blank as he had forgotten its name.

QY: Help! This is a….?
Teacher: Try to think. Ms Lina just explained it to you.
QY: Starts with the letter….?
Teacher: C
QY: and after C, letter?
Teacher: I can’t tell you the answer. You have to think and recall.

Teacher saw that QY was struggling to recall the word so teacher pats his head to prompt the word ‘cap’.

QY touched his head and patted his very short spikey hair. He thought deeply for a few minutes and wrote the answer.


Overheard @ Science Room by Marina

27 May 2011

Real Alarm!

Justin was anxious about a medical appointment he was supposed to have that morning.

Justin: During March, my doctor made a mistake with the date and wasted my school day at the clinic!

Ms Rosemary: Yes that was a false alarm.

Justin: This time, it’s a real alarm!

Overheard @ Multipurpose Hall by Ms Sng

20 May 2011

Townsville Students at Pathlight School

We had students visiting our Art Exhibition from Townsville.

After looking at the art works and having heard a little about Autism, a student said “I wish I had Autism!”

Being very fascinated by Pathlight Student Glenn’s art work, 2 students exclaimed “I want to meet the Artist and learn from him! Where is he?!”

A student raising up his hand, “When I finish P6, can I come into Pathlight Secondary? The school (building) is also very nice”

“I like to draw also, can I put in your school?”

Overheard @ Pathlight Art Exhibition by Dorothy

Art works from Pathlight’s ‘Art for Autism – Details’ Art Exhibition are now available at Pathlight eMall!

13 May 2011