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But No Use!

Ms Phua was advising Student D to behave and be more courteous when he speaks to his friends.
Student A who is usually not sociable was observing.
She approached Ms Phua and spoke hesitantly and loudly, “You sent him to the strictest teachers (pause) BUT NO USE !”
Wow ! You never know when they are watching and learning :o)!

Overheard by Denise

24 November 2010

St. James Power Station

The students had just finished doing a science experiment on different ways of connecting batteries and bulbs.

Ms Wendy asked them a question on how the circuit in the classroom for the lights was connected.
Zhong Wei responded curiously, “Ms Wendy, is there a very big battery somewhere in Singapore that connects to the lights in our home for the electricity?”

Ms Wendy: “No, we do not get electricity from batteries but from power stations.”
Nicholas suddenly exclaimed, “I know, it is from St James Power Station!”

Overheard @ In Shorea Class by Priscilla Ng

17 November 2010

Use a Comb Principal!

Principal Ms Kho was at assembly this morning. Student Zina saw her and said “Oh dear, your hair..” and she started picking flyaway hair off principal’s face and neck. Then Zina said in a stern manner with her finger pointing at principal “Ms Kho, use a comb!” and then she walked away.

Overheard @ Assembly by Linda Kho

10 November 2010


During an English lesson, the teacher was introducing a novel to the class.

Teacher: “I’m going to highlight some points in this book for you.”

Student: [Raises up hand and protests vehemently] “Nooo, you can’t! It’s a library book!”

Overheard @ Chong Boon Secondary School by Rachel

03 November 2010