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Damien for Prime Minister!

Teacher Joyce and Damien were discussing the merits of weekend rest…
Ms Joyce: ‘Damien, don’t you wish that we only had to come to school 4 days a week so we could get a 3 day weekend?
Damien: ‘How about we come to school on Saturdays and Sundays’?
Ms Joyce: ‘Oh No! Weekends are my rest days’
Damien: ‘Wait….. listen…. how about we come to school only on Saturdays and Sundays…. AND rest from Mondays to Fridays!
Ms Joyce: Damien, please study hard so you can become the next Prime Minister of Singapore and enforce this rule!

Overheard @ Cassia by Joyce Tay

18 September 2009

What’s Your Point?

A PL student was observed completing his comprehension homework.
One of the questions on the worksheet was, “How do you know…….?”
He wrote his reply as “I know because I read the story.”

Overheard @ Home by Grace

15 September 2009

Why do only ladies give birth?

A student in my P2 English class was very fascinated about scientific facts. A topic which he liked to discuss was about ladies being pregnant and how the babies were doing in their tummies.

One day I asked him, “Darren, why do only ladies give birth and not men?”. He gave me a profound reply, “Because that is the law of mother nature.”

But he did not stop there…… he continued “But if there was Father Nature, then men also can give birth!!” 😉

Overheard @ Olive Class 08 by Mohana Tan

13 September 2009

Race Matters!

Anita Russell walked into school on Monday and greeted a number of children at the arrival area.

New students were being oriented and a lot of people were being systematically introduced to the children.

One student was so interested to greet this odd looking lady that he thrust out his hand to shake hands and said ‘Good
morning Miss Caucasian’

Our kids really do pay attention to the differences :)

Overheard by Anita Russell

11 September 2009

Do you like me?

One morning a secondary form teacher approached me and requested I supervise a short detention for one of his students,
although he did not mention the student’s name at that tjme.

After lunch I was walking in the hall when a secondary boy walked up to me with a smile and said “Mr Patrick, do you like

I replied with a smile, and a bit surprised….. “Why yes of course I do”.

He then said “Oh good, because I am doing detention with you later”.

I was speechless and am still smiling.

Overheard @ Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) by Patrick

09 September 2009