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P6 students were taught how to write obituaries and condolences.
Clifton’s grandfather passed away this week.
Clifton’s classmates wrote,
“Dear Clifton’s Grandfather, I am sorry you passed away.”
“Dear Clifton, condolences to you. It would have been good if your grandfather died a few days later so you need not have to miss the School’s Children’s Day celebrations.”

Overheard by Denise

27 October 2010

Ear Plugs

Mum was giving Kiefer a small packet of rubberised ear-plugs that was attached with a string on both ends. It was meant for his outing at the F1 race. Upon receiving the ear-plugs, Kiefer exclaimed,”Skipping rope!”
All in the house broke in laughter.

Overheard @ Home by Ching Hee

20 October 2010

More Work Please

Pathlight student, Huang Wei approached Mr Tay his boss at Professor Brawn Cafe where he works part time,”Mr Tay I have finished my work. Pls give me more work!”

Everyone chuckled coz no typical staff had ever asked for this! :-)

Overheard by Denise @ Professor Brawn Cafe

13 October 2010


During Daily Living Skills, I was teaching the class about traffic signs. To finish up, I ended with saying,” That’s all for signs!”

Audrey: SCIENCE??? But it’s DLS!!!!

Overheard @ Hawthorne Class 2010 by Ms Avni

05 October 2010