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Just like My Baby Cousins!

During class one day a student tried to initiate a conversation with a teacher, but was not easily understood…

Boy Student: ‘Ms Fiza…. *#@%**#@ ‘

Ms Fiza: ‘Sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying! You have to talk slowly’.

Fatin: ‘Ms Fiza, he is trying to tell you that ……’

Ms Fiza: ‘Fatin, thanks….. I’m glad you understand what he is saying!’.

Fatin: ‘Yes, I have many baby cousins at home’!

Overheard @ Outside the class by Ms Fiza

29 April 2010

Where are we?

During an EL class, each student had to read one paragraph from a passage. When it came to Student A, he was ‘lost’. The teacher wanted him to seek help from his classmate, so she said,” Ask your classmate ‘where are we?’ ”
Student A turned to Student B and asked innocently,” Where are we?”
B looked at him and answered,” We are here!”
Well, they were not wrong, if you take their words literally!

Overheard @ CBSS classroom by Evelyn

06 April 2010