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Teacher and student were sitting in the DJ Booth watching the secondary boys playing soccer in the field.

Daniel: Ms Marina, Marcus told me that he wants to talk to you later.
Teacher: Yeah, I’ll go talk to him after this DJ programme first.

15 minutes later…

Daniel: Ms Marina, I think Marcus wants to talk to you now.
Teacher: what? for real? Daniel.. how can you possibly hear what Daniel said when we are all the way over here in this room and he’s on the opposite side of the field?
Daniel: Oh.. Because I’m good in charades.

Overheard @ DJ Booth by Marina

18 May 2010

Honk! Honk!

Female student approached me and attempted to pinch my nose.
I said, “No touching teachers please.”
She replied, “then can you pinch your own nose please?”
I pinched my nose then asked, “Why? Something wrong with my nose?”
She answered, “Because it’s very big.”

Overheard at Block D by Mr Victor

11 May 2010