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I am an audience cheering you

A heartwarming entry by Ms June Tham

Hi, I have caught my students by chance. We didn’t know they were writing notes to each other. One of them was upset as he was not selected as a dancer for performance on Racial Harmony Day. After much comforting and calming down strategies apply, he did not mind being an audience and instead even cheered for his classmate who was performing on the stage. :)))

“Hi Joel, I went to Chinatown to buy a cheongsam. You will be a dancer on stage. I am an audience cheering you. The next morning, I am going to school. Ms Avni will meet you at the cafe by 800am. Your friend, Xi De”

“Hi Xi De, thank you for watching me doing the dance on Friday, your friend, Joel :)”

Submitted by Ms June Tham

26 July 2012

Easter Egg

Suppose to decorate the Easter egg, Ms Teo drew the eyes. Student completed it by labeling “M” on the picture and drew a cross section of his favorite snack..

Submitted by Grace Yap

26 July 2012


Submitted by Teo Xiao Xuan

26 July 2012