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My son’s expressions of SG50

I was surprised to see my son’s drawings in his school bag a few weeks ago. Aaron is never good with drawings and is unable to write well due to dyslexia. I would have thrown his drawings away on other days but I stopped to take a second look as the drawings seemed to tell some stories.

I asked Aaron about them. Aaron replied that those drawings are about SG50. Then I realised that these are his expressions of SG50. Although they are not beautifully rendered, it tells me of his appreciation as a citizen of Singapore.

I decided to caption his drawings and share them with everyone on this blog.


Amy (Mum of Aaron Chan, P1 Lantana)

22 July 2015

The Opposites of FAST

When told he is getting fatter and should go on a fast, a student who did not know the concept of fasting, responded: “Fast? Eat fast food???”

06 July 2015